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Our Mission

The Birchwood Airport Association is an Alaska non-profit Association its mission is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and views by members of the Birchwood Airport Association. To promote all aspects of flying safety, a mechanism for the collection of information and inform members concerning matters of mutual interest and concern. The Association works to advance the interest of the industry and its members before the Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, and State and Federal regulatory authorities. One of the main functions is to educate the public on the advantages of Birchwood Airport to the travel needs of Alaskans for air transportation, aviation training, aviation maintenance, and aviation safety. The Association also will support other organizations who support aviation safety and provide the industry and its members quality training and maintenance, and to perform such duties as will benefit the Birchwood Airport Association, its members, and users.


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Our goals include supporting Safety and Education. We also promote meeting together and participating in various activites and Fund Drives.

Directing Board Members

Abe Harman - President

Abe is originally from North Carolina and started flying during college after having some exposure to general aviation in his childhood with family members who had an airplane. He came to Alaska after college to work as a Mechanical Engineer for Airframes Alaska and Alaskan Bushwheel, where he spent five years (back when they were still located on Birchwood Airport). Currently he is the co-owner of Helio Alaska, Inc., a Birchwood-based aircraft company that holds the type certificate to the Helio Courier.  Abe has spent a considerable amount of time at the Birchwood airport in recent years, both while working and flying out of it recreationally. He believes there is something special about Birchwood (beyond just the convenient central location and calm winds), and he is committed to supporting and maintaining that unique community spirit that we all share here

New- Vice President

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Rob Stapleton - Secretary

Rob learned to fly as a young man and continued to fly during his career as a photojournalist in Alaska. Stapleton is interested in aviation safety, flight training, and attracting anyone interested to learn to fly. Rob believes in volunteering to give back to the Alaska community and has served on many Alaskan aviation related non-profit boards. Committed to all forms of aviation he has served on the Ultralight Flyers of Alaska, EAA Chapter 42, The Alaska Airmen Association, The Alaska Aviation Museum, and the Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association and the Birchwood Airport Association boards. While working on assignments and photography projects Stapleton has lived in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, and Nome and travelled extensively throughout Alaska

Della Swartz - Treasurer

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