THANK YOU to those of you that I connected with via phone late last week and yesterday. As shared, after a longer than anticipated period, the Public Review Draft of the Birchwood Airport Master Plan Update is available for public comment. Important related details:

  1. You can access the public review draft on the project website.
    1. The full plan (over 500 pages) can be accessed HERE. It is a LARGE file (62MB).
    2. Or you can access just Chapter 5.0 of the plan which includes the preliminary and other alternatives considered for the airport layout, evaluation of each alternative, and description/rationalization for the Preferred Alternative. It is approximately 36 pages (3MB).
  2. The comment deadline is Monday, April 8th. (NOTE: The front page of the draft plan has the incorrect date of April 5th – we are editing that). Please check the project website for more information on how to submit comments on the draft.
  3. We are tentatively planning an in-person public meeting on Saturday, March 30th, to share and receive feedback on the draft plan. We are nailing down the details for that meeting, including location and timing (we hope to do it at the Civil Air Patrol facility at Birchwood, from 10A-1P). We should have more information on that later today – that same info will get posted to the project website and a public notice will go out in local newspapers. We are also planning another reader board so folks driving near the airport will see a lighted sign with the meeting info.
  4. IMPORTANT – Between now and March 30thwe are aiming to convene a hybrid meeting with the SAG to share key components of the plan with all of you before the public meeting. From my initial calls with each of you, it sounds like most are available for an afternoon meeting next week. Tentatively, we are aiming for Monday (04/18), Tuesday (04/19), or Thursday (04/21) afternoon – 2:30 to 4:30 PM. Please stay tuned for more details on that, including exact date and location. Please also let me know if none of those dates or timing works for you.